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The Cashew nuts are favourites for all. It is easily available for all occasions. It can easily keep in your pocket or some where else which smaller than size.

The cashew nuts originate from Brazil, which brought to by Portugal explorer in India. So, It’s growth will increase rapidly in the coastal area. This became worldwide popular due to unique characteristics.

Despite a healthy food, because of its high fats, so the people will not consume this. Especially that person who is suffering from heart ailment.

It consists healthy unsaturated fatty acid, Oleic acid which helps to lower bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. This also consists B complex of vitamins like pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, riboflavin & niacin. These play a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Alongside it has pyridoxine which helps to protect the heart to cholesterol. Niacin helps to cure Dermatitis skin infections, This can decrease stress and gives good skin & hair. Riboflavin prevents from acne and gives healthy eyes.

Here are some benefits of online dry fruits

Cardio-protective foods

Discuss about heart to doctor??? Then have some cashew nuts!!!
Oleic Acid – Unsaturated Fatty acid cares healthy heart since consumption of cashews.
Foods with mono-unsaturated fat which decrease triglycerides levels in the blood. Especially, those who suffered from cardio-vascular problem and diabetes.
Eat some cashews twice a week to avoid the risk of coronary heart disease.

Relax Yourself

Cause of arginine-rich sources, So amino-acid converted to nitric oxide. This helps the relaxation of blood vessels.

Kill the cancer cells

As a result of bio-molecules proanthocyanidins neutralize the free radicals and prevent cancers also.
Therefore, a group of molecules comes under flavonoids which are the great phytochemicals which well known for their anti-carcinogenic nature.


Online dry fruits are copper-rich food sources.
Copper required for iron metabolism, enzymatic activities, development of tissues and melanin production in the human body which helps the muscles and bones.