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Stainless Steel Metal Teeth Remove Nits Brush

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  • Lice and nit removal micro grooved precision machined round teeth that grab louse and eggs
  • Easily and effectively lifts Lice and nits to the surface without hurting the scalp
  • Comb handle and teeth are made from premium stainless steel; handle has anti slip bands for grip
  • Our head lice comb is compatible with all hair types like curly, wavy, straight, dry, oily, or any textured hair types, this comb will easily go through your hair. You just have to make sure to detangle your hair before using this head louse comb
  • The lice removing comb can easily be washed under tap water, you don’t have to put any extra effort to clean it. As the lice and nit comb is made up of stainless steel, it can be boiled to sanitize it for reuse, which makes it more durable for the long run

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