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The complete guide to crushing your high school or college Skype interview.

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The Only Book You Need To Ace Your Skype Interview
After reading this book, you will unlock the secrets to confidently answer any interview question posed at you from: “Describe yourself?” to “Why should we choose you?” to “What is your greatest accomplishment?” Imagine going into every single high school or college interview knowing that your chances of getting in are only going to double. You will conquer nervousness and invariably look forward to your interview. Just like there is a system for preparing for the SATs, there is now a system for preparing for Skype interviews which this book is going to take you through.
This book is primarily designed for high and middle school students who are going through the interviewing process as part of admissions into high school or college. With an increasing number of applicants applying with similar grades and test scores every year, the interview is beginning to play an increasingly significant role in the admissions process – a make or break chance for an applicant to gain admission. Read this to unlock your potential for never again having to worry about your interview and develop the necessary skills for acing it.